Meet the Campers!



Maisy - Camp FigWig received a call about a girl running wild in a downtown neighborhood! Most of the residence were scared of her, so we needed to find her and get her to safety as quickly as possible. Luckily for all of us, there was an incredible couple who lured her into their beautiful gated back yard with corn and apples and awaited our arrival!  I am sure we were a sight- two rescue teams, transport trucks, Nathan and I laying on their grass in their backyard, inching slowly towards little Maisy, at midnight! This beautiful couple (who is still to this day very near and dear to Camp FigWigs heart) were the key to this rescue and if not for them, we would have never been able to capture her. Maisy went to her furever home and surprise! Gave birth to triplets! Of course, Maisy and babies are still together to this day. 


The Chickie Gang

The Chickie Gang -Meet Fancy Pants, Alan, and Donald! Chickies are so beneficial, especially when controlling the flea and tick population! These three became campers as hatchlings and have been inseparable ever since. They enjoy a spacious walk-in multi-level coop, free range over the entire camp ground, their own personal tail-warmer, fresh fruit in the morning, and their best piglet friend, Marley.  


The Rat Pack

Jack, Pipsqueak, and Baby Rat – These three were bred as feeder rats for snake food. A friend who works for a local pet store makes it her mission to rescue as many rats who are full of life and non-aggressive. She then attempts to rehome as many as possible. When these three came in, she was unable to keep them due to over-crowding at her home. She reached out to us and they have become the tiniest Campers here at Camp FigWig! Some of their favorite things include puffy sweet potato treats, sitting on mommas shoulder, playing with their toys, and eating the inside of kidney beans.  


The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs – These three little babies were bred and meant for slaughter.  After discovering an ad on craigslist, Camp FigWig contacted the breeders and set out to save their lives. As little as they were, these three would not stay that way for long, and Camp FigWig just does not have the space needed to provide these guys with the room to roam. We found another organization that provides therapy and support for veterans with severe PTSD and trauma, as well as group therapy for their families. These little ones had a big destiny - to be therapy animals for those who served our country. Camp FigWig transported these babies to the new life. 

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Little Hamlet was purchased from a breeder as a baby and, like most pig owners, realized way too late the responsibility, noise, and care needed. Camp FigWig was contacted by Esther's Army in a plea for help. Mr. Hamlet was about to be dropped off at the humane society if a new home could not be found quickly. Luckily, an old friend was in the market for a baby piglet and Mr. Hamlet was a perfect fit! After a through home check, zone check, education and understanding of Mr. Hamlets needs, he is living la vita loca as a spoiled piglet.



Pumba was yet another sad case of a mini pig bought from a breeder. When he was cute and small, Pumba was allowed in the house for snuggles and was treated like family. However, when he began to grow, became loud, destructive and playful, he was kicked out of his cozy home and into a tiny pen twice the length of his body, in the yard with no grass, an old, wet, smelly blanket, forced to live in his own feces and muck, with nothing more than an old piece of plywood as his shelter. Pumba had no food or water in his pen. He went from a cherished pet to a backyard pest. At capacity here at Camp FigWig, there was no room for another little camper, so que the networking! Pumba’s new mom wanted him so bad, she was willing to drive five hours just to get him!



Sable – Now here was a unique situation. Camp FigWig was contacted by Esther's Army. While vacationing here in Florida with her beloved dog, Sable's owner became extremely ill and was rushed back to her home state, thousands of miles away. Thinking Sable was left with a trusted friend, she was devastated to learn her sweet, sixteen year old girl ended up at the Humane Society five hours from Camp FigWig! Friends of Camp FigWig and Esther's Army bailed her out of doggie jail, and Sable camped out with us until the funds were raised to charter a private jet to take her home! We stood on the tarmac and waved goodbye as Sable flew off into the sunset! 


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