Penny - FigWig

Penny- AKA – FigWig came to us as a three month old baby with sores on her tiny little body. She was bought from a breeder and was quickly abandoned once the reality of owning a pig became too much for the purchaser. Baby piglets are extremely vocal and needy, and Penny was no different. She has grown to be a true mini pig weighing in at 220 pounds. Some of Penny's favorite things include apples, cuddles, laying in the dirt, and her pig bed under the kitchen counter, where she can hang out with her momma while making soap.  


This adorable baby girl was abandoned when she was just seven months old at the Halifax Humane Society with no crate, no blankie, no toys, no food-just a half-eaten bag of Goldfish Crackers. Sophie was covered with mange and had bugs and mites completely infested in her skin. She cried every single day for three weeks straight. I ended up sleeping on the floor with her for those three weeks until she began to feel better. A true mini pig, Sophie has grown to 220 pounds. Sophie loves to sleep in bed and cuddle. Some of her favorite things include pulling the blanket off her dad while he is sleeping in the recliner, pushing chairs over, bugging her big sister Penny, digging holes and laying in the sunlight.  

Whisper and Willow

These two twin girls were purchased from a breeder to be raised for food. The living conditions were so horrific, neighbors contacted Code Enforcement and the animals were required to be removed from the home. Camp FigWig was contacted and when we arrived, we saw these animals had been living with no shelter, no clean water, no food, broken beer bottles, dead animals, and boards with rusty nails. The conditions were atrocious to say the least. These two beautiful baby girls are extremely vocal, and Whisper even snores! Their favorite things include Apple Jacks, tummy rubs, kisses on their heads, and finding fallen twigs and branches with sweet leaves and tasty bark to munch on. Whisper loves a good dirt and mud hole, while Willow prefers to stick close to her momma.