Get those chompers sparkling! This all natural toothpaste could help whiten teeth, freshen breath, and prevent tooth decay. Unofficially, our customers have noticed whiter teeth and cold and pain sensitivity gone within the first few uses, and over time have reported no pain from cavities.
Please note: because we do not believe in using ANY chemicals in our products, this item will separate and will need to be mixed well before use. We are currently searching for a different packaging solution because this jar is a little messy, however, completely worth it.
Two sizes available 4oz and 8oz This is for an 8oz jar.

All Natural Toothpaste 8oz


Welcome to Camp FigWig Farm and Sanctuary, Inc! A 501c3 non-profit where all of the campers have four legs, hooves, or feathers! Camp FigWig is a safe haven for abandoned, abused, neglected, and for slaughter animals. Your loving support is greatly appreciated by donations or by purchasing some of our handmade vegan bath products.

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