Have a Happy Birthday with Birthday Pig! Birthday Pig is made with our Shea Butter soap base and colorful soap Sprinkles!
Can be made in most colors, soap bases, and scents. Traditional Birthday Pig is made with our Vanilla Pomegranate Blend.
Due to the unique, handmade nature of Birthday Pig, no two piggies will ever be identical. Soap Sprinkle colors may run, as seen in photos. Sprinkles may be difficult to see with darker colored pigs.

Birthday Pig!


Welcome to Camp FigWig Farm and Sanctuary, Inc! A 501c3 non-profit where all of the campers have four legs, hooves, or feathers! Camp FigWig is a safe haven for abandoned, abused, neglected, and for slaughter animals. Your loving support is greatly appreciated by donations or by purchasing some of our handmade vegan bath products.

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