Our hydrating lip balms actually moisturize lips! All natural, chemical free, we do not use any drying agents in our lip balms. Help heal dry, cracked, painful lips, and keep them soft and smooth all year long. All lip balms have all natural sunblock. Lip Balms are 1/$3 or 2/$5. Please choose single or duo option. Please specify which scents and or flavors.

Lip Balms can be completely customized to coordinate with soaps and lotions, however, here are a few of our most popular lip balms.
Scents and Flavors:
-Wellness- Made with the same essential oils that ended the plague in the 15th century, this lip balm may help germs away! Camp FigWig uses this lip balm daily!
-Lavender- Helps calm you down or keeps you going! Lavender actually matches your mood! Helps relieve stress and anxiety.
-Peppermint- Complete mood booster! Plumps your lips, helps you breathe easier. Energy booster and even helps combat nausea. Smooth it on, and take a deep breath!
-Margarita Lime- When it's not quite five O'clock. Non-alcoholic, smells just like the soap (and what I think Heaven smells like) Pair it with the Margarita Lime Soap, Lotion, and Salt Scrub and you have the perfect gift-for you or someone else!
-Mango- Mango, mongo, bongo! This incredible Mango lip balm will keep you smiling all day.
-Apple Cinnamon- What is fall without apples, spices, and cinnamon? Impossible! Pair this incredible lip balm with our coordinating soap and lotion- better buy two, you won't want to give this one away!
-Pumpkin Spice- The Official Scent of Fall. It just isn't fall until you've had pumpkin. Period. Coordinating Sets Available.
-Plain- No frills, no fluffs, just moisture, hydration, and sunblock protection.

Lip Balm Two Pack