Product Testimonials...

I hope everyone who is reading these posts takes the time to try the products. The soaps are amazing all natural and actually good for you skin. And I can't say enough about the  Pain Relief Lotion. Candice listened to my needs and came up with the perfect lotion. The back pain I have had for months on end has subsided. I was able to get out of bed with no stiff and painful joints. It felt so good just to feel good. Candice is a beautiful soul.She truly cares about not just her animals but giving people an alternative to healthy living. It's a win win for all. You get to feel better and help support Candice's passion for those voices that can't speak for themselves, her animals. And they get to live a better life because of her good heart.

     -Julie W.

Wowie Zowie

I hate doctors, I hate going to see them.

I was so sick when I wrote you, I was just about ready to see a doctor. I had severe congestion with severe rattling in my chest. I knew that I had a very bad

case of pneumonia. I knew I would be hospitalized but I also knew I had no one to take care of my fur babies.

Then I remembered I had bought a jar of Wellness Lotion salve from you during a high episode of the flu maybe last year but never used it.

You replied to my inquiry as to how to use your product.

One day later, fever gone, coughing gone, rattling in chest gone.

I’m talking one day!

Thank you and my fur babies thank you. They have never been away from me in 17 years.

Going to the hospital and leaving them was never an option.

     -Janet W.

Over a year ago I was in a wreck and broke my ankle. It was twisted almost off of my leg and the surgeon performed a “salvage surgery” to reattach it. I react badly to most pain killers and cannot take OTC anti inflammatory meds because of a kidney issue. A month or so after I came home I discovered Camp FigWig’s grey Pain Relief Lotion. When it came in the mail I put it all over my leg and that night got the first full night of restful sleep since the accident. I have since used it for all manner of pain and the results are always great! This stuff saved me from so much agony that I will be forever grateful to Candice for her products!

     -Kati B. 

I suffered from ringworm on my arm, had it almost go away and come back with a vengeance. I battled this for a solid year using all kinds of creams. It never fully went away until I paired it wit the handmade charcoal soap. It was just gone with no trace of scarring...hadn't had an issue since! Thank you so much!

     -Tiffany Y.

I use all of your products. The charcoal soap is fantastic especially on your face, my son uses it also for his. The lip balm is great, better than Burt's Bees in my opinion. I love the Bug Stick, works amazing on bites and I've also used it on burns. The burns went away and my skin didn't peel! The Pain Relief Lotion is my favorite as I have arthritis and degenerative changes in my hip and this helps so much. The pain goes away. I love your products.

     -Sandy S.

Candice’s Pain Relief Lotion is amazing!! I recommend it to all my friends. It just works! I’m inheriting my mothers and grandmothers knees. Using this cream I can squat and get up and down with no problems. No pain!

     -Donna K.

The Bug stick really works! I have eczema on my hand and I tried it yesterday. It stopped the itching within a minute.. Believe me, I have tried EVERYTHING.

     -Caroline E. 

Living out in the desert now and dealing with drier skin and lips, the Wellness Lotion and Lip Balm are awesome. They last so much longer than other products. I'm so glad I tried these products and will continue to use them.

     -Michelle C. 

The soap is extra awesome with the loofah for those that never get to the spa :D it brings the spa to you! I loved it and the Lip Balm is amazing. And I am a picky chapstick girl but I loved this! 

     -TJ D.

That Lip Balm is the BOMB! I was just thinking of you this morning as I put it on! Having to wear that mask... all day, dries me out, but I LOVE that Lip Balm!!

     -Kim R.

The Pain Relief Lotion!!

     -Eddie R.

Absolutely love the charcoal soap!!

     -Tereasa M.

Love, Love, Love the charcoal soap and pain relief lotion!

     -Donna E.

These soaps are all natural, cruelty free, and actually have therapeutic ingredients... not to mention they smell good, feel good, and actually work. I wear the lip balm all year round - no more chapped lips. It's amazing! I'm supporting a great cause and taking care of myself- win win!

     -Beverly P.

If you have pain, try her lotion for that! It works! I have been a fan since she started with the amazing soaps! Even love the little pig ones!  Candice works her heart out on all this bc it means so much to her. It’s blood sweat and tears for her but she does it bc she loves it! and we benefit ! Great products. All true! Wonderful, natural products from a kind soul! And for a great cause!

     -Jen P.

I literally want to tell everyone I meet about how awesome these soaps are! Not only do they smell fantastic, but they're all natural, cruelty free, and actually have therapeutic ingredients... like WHAT?! That's amazing! Then on top of all of that fantasticness the money goes to a great cause that is very close to my heart! It's incredibly difficult for me to wait until the new year to order more soap, I keep seeing more things I want! Ducky soap and flea bar... I'm coming for you!

5 stars

     -Tiffany H.

I use the Pain Relief Lotion all of the time and I love it!!! In less than thirty minutes the pain is gone!

     -Kay L.